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Jul 26, 2011 11:00am PDT
will get healthier. michelle obama weighs in on the changes. >> first i couldn't go to sleep. wide with awake. >> 49ers are back to work but honey...? [ mom ] yes. honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access. no more cords. wireless, okay, honestly, can i just get a cord, please? dad, the cord's invisible. [ female announcer ] call at&t today to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price. oooh. videos online? here? how much is that? nothing. at&t high speed internet at home includes access here. our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh. fe xle a xnnouncer ] @t get access to thentireax national at&t wi-fi hot spot network for no extra charge. so call today to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? you already have one. oh. ♪ >> closed captioning brought
Jul 20, 2011 12:00pm EDT
will vote on it today. michelle obama is about to start on a reality tv show. she will be in north carolina tomorrow for the taping of an episode "extreme a m makeover home edition." episode will air in october. still ahead, adam is >> eldred of local service military -- children of local service military parents got a taste of what the military is like. the kids are receiving plenty of water as most of the exercises are taking place outside. that is good they are keeping hydrated. from here it is only getting hotter. >>> i think we will be above 100 degrees for air temperatures. it will feel like it is 115 give or take. that is in the afternoon hours. we're talking dangerous heat. thursday through saturday, a mid to upper 90s. it looks like this keep will break as we go into the early part of next week. the average height is 89. we should be right around 90. it looks like we will be closer to that monday and tuesday of next week. maybe a rogue storm over the weekend. >> hot and sticky over the next few days.
Jul 23, 2011 5:30am EDT
interesting local stories making news this week. among them, first lady michelle obama out on the town. where she ate, and why the restaurant isn't revealing her dinner choice. >>> deals for deeds. the new site that let's you snag some great discounts while helping out a great cause. >>> and how a mother and son who spent 36 years apart discovered they were working just blocks from each other. but first today, there are online offers that promise huge savings. flash sales advertise as much as 50, 70, even 85% off the original price of some items. the catch, you have to act fast and buy now. so are these flash sales worth it? liz crenshaw has got the real deal. >> it always catches my eye. >> reporter: julia jacobs is registered at eight flash sale sites. sites with names like rue la la, gilt and idely, all with popular products and services. >> i get probably five to ten notifications a week, letting me know a flash sale is going on. >> reporter: notifications that come directly to julia through e-mail and social media. suspect she has a limited amount of time to take advantage of the deal. >
Jul 23, 2011 5:20pm EDT
was that i like here discussed how has michelle obama influenced ideas on first lady and first families in american life? >> well, it's hard to answer that question because she's still in office and we are only part the way through a first term which i hope will be a second term. and that's part of the problem. when a person comes under secret service protection and at the time that jacqueline kennedy ran -- when john kennedy ran for office and became elected president of the united states, her secret service protection did not start until the day she walked out of their palm beach florida house to go to washington to get ready for the inauguration. once you come under secret service protection every moment of your life is a public record. where you go, what you do, secret service logs are public documents. so we are just now beginning to understand some of the things that jacqueline kennedy faced and did in the white house, and how much she actually wasn't there, interesting enough, during that portion -- that portion of a presidential term in which she was in residence. remember, they
Jul 22, 2011 5:00pm EDT
, michelle obama is devoted to end childhood obesity. here's more on the fight to make healthy food choices more affordable. >> reporter: access to healthy groceries is a struggle. 10% of the country is a food desert. it's nearly impossible to find nutritious food offerings. michelle obama is pledging to eliminate the food deserts. several retailers are on board. for the -- target is featuring meat, baked goods and produce. wpm is going -- wal-mart is going to expand stores and so is walgreens. supervalue will add 250 new stores and calhoun foods from alabama will add ten locations. by adding stores in underserved communities, millions will gain access to fruits and vegetables. wal-mart is going to contain brands with less sodium and sugar and less transfats. the white house estimates that the effort will result in serving 10 million americans that have little access to affordable healthy foods. this is also going to help give jobs as well. >>> well, forget the cookies, new moms are encouraged to breast feed. now, breast feeding may help your child breathe easier. >>> and plus, when it's ho
Jul 12, 2011 6:00pm EDT
. how the mix-up is creating an insurance dilemma. >>> and michelle obama taking heat for ordering a high- calorie lunch. is show setting a bad example or much ado about something. >>> and if the, a restaurant owner in -- first, a restaurantenner in pennsylvania said the business is no longer for everybody. starting saturday, the restaurant will ban which were under the age of 6. the opener sent the e-mail saying the volume can't be controlled. the owner went on to say the parents of noisy and unruly children are empolite and selfish to others. >> imagine being at work while a contractor you never hired is doing work at your house. that is what happened to a virginia couple. the contractor went to the wrong address and started swinging hammers. beth parker has the story. >> reporter: from down below, it looks ordinary. when josh's contracting makes it up on the roof. >> there is still openings here where it looks like it was nailed in originally and then renailed in. >> reporter: he is the third party that sharon moore called for help after she had a strange experience at her resti
Jul 26, 2011 5:30pm PDT
you where and why. >>> mcdonald's makeover. slimming down the happy meal. michelle obama applauds, but how much sugar and fat are still in it? and what about the toy? >>> healthy living. what is the life-saving test your doctor should give you? and more than half of them are not. >>> and, do you agree with what scientists say is the absolutely saddest movie of all time? we want your vote. >>> good evening. and we hear you. americans are telling washington what you think tonight about the long and dangerous political battle over the debt ceiling. frustration boiling over. fed up messages pouring into congress from every state, flooding the phone lines, crashing the websites. and with the deadline only one week away, as you can see on our clock, the finger-pointing is continuing, the brinksmanship is dragging on. and abc's jim avila tonight on the growing anger in america and anxiety. >> reporter: make no mistake. the nation's capitol is getting an earful on e-mail and e phone. this is what you get when you dial the white house. the masses telling washington, deadlock on the nation'
Jul 12, 2011 11:00am PDT
. >>> a private funeral is just getting under way in southern california to tribute betty ford. michelle obama and hillary clinton and nancy reagan and george w. bush will be the dignitaries there later today. she died of natural causes last friday at the age of 93. she planned the ceremony before she died and she said for the people on the eulogy of a focus on on on alcohol abuse treatment. >>> a suv plowed right into the fire station door on de anza boulevard. they believe the woman behind the wheel may have been driving under the influence. she went to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. no firefighters were injured but the door needs some major repairs. >> oops. >> mike nicco with more on our summer weather. >> january in july, 22 states east of us under heat advisories. look what it is doing in sfo, nearly two hour flight delays. check out flight tracker and check out the forecast. >> and facebook gets into the fight to stop bullies. >> and white house ceremony to recognize a veteran for his recognize a veteran for his courageous actions in war. empty nest, new kitchen, new u
Jul 12, 2011 11:30am PDT
way in southern california to tribute betty ford. michelle obama and hillary clinton and nancy reagan and george w. bush will be the dignitaries there later today. she died of natural causes last friday at the age of 93. she planned the ceremony before she died and she said for the people on the eulogy of a focus on on on alcohol abuse treatment. >>> a suv plowed right into the fire station door on de anza boulevard. they believe the woman behind the wheel may have been driving under the influence. she went to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. no firefighters were injured but the door needs some major repairs. >> oops. >> mike nicco with more on our summer weather. >> january in july, 22 states east of us under heat advisories. look what it is doing in sfo, nearly two hour flight delays. check out flight tracker and check out the forecast. >> and facebook gets into the fight to stop bullies. >> and white house ceremony to recognize a veteran for his courageous actions in war. >>> right now president obama is about to award the medal of honor to an army ranger. only the
Jul 15, 2011 6:00am PDT
it was michelle obama followed by lady gaga. quebec justin beiber was the least popular. >> everyone has depended on the nation's debt crisis. during and interviewed hugh hefner sound off on the debt crisis. >> i think that we need to deal with reality. there are a certain level delusions' going on. we are no longer in first place. we are falling further behind if we do not start to take care of business. >> that was hugh hefner is first interview after his unbreakable crystal harris. during the interview he got pretty candid about his split. hawk >> time is 6:58 a.m., we are back with more than a couple of minutes. two for three?! oh, thank you. you're welcome. what a nice young man; my goodness.
Jul 8, 2011 12:35am EDT
wrapping and michelle obama doing be dougie, that brought such a community together. in hip-hop, africa bambada used to say peace, love, and unity. that has done more for bringing together the racial divide than anybody in the last few years. -- 30 years. seeing somebody like eminem sound like jay-z. obviously, the beatles are the beatles, but in hip-hop terms, a tribe called questare the beatles. big daddy cane is jimi hendrix. i understand why people are saying, what do you talk about? age thing. if you are 45 and under, you perk up. that appeal to everybody. it was not soft or corny. tavis: there are a number of artists talking about the impact tribe had on them. what is the documentary trying to get us to understand about their influence on hip-hop? >> they make people feel like they were comfortable being themselves. i talked to quest love, the beasitie boys. when he was younger, he was seen as a weirdo. after tribe came out, that became the look. it made people feel comfortable being themselves. after hip-hop, it was cold chains and very much seasonal. tribe said that the not
Jul 5, 2011 4:30am EDT
and pursue them. >>> first lady michelle obama will help salute military families during tonight's washington nationals game. before the game, children from military families will escort her to firstthetghehe homeplate. >>> what were the fourth of july be without fireworks and a hot dog eating contest? >> 5 4 3 2, 1. >> joey chestnut scarfed down 623 hot dogs in 10 minutes. at coney island. he was a six short of his own record. meanwhile, sonya from alexandria won the women's contest. she downed 40 hot dogs. >> go sonya. >> what do you say after that? they at 102 hot dogs in 10 minutes. >> that is enough to make you what -- not want to eat breakfast. >>> that other main attraction on the national mall that is not over yet. >> >>> tuesday morning, july 5. we have one lingering sprinkle in southern maryland. zero weeks a frontal boundary that is south of the metro area. -- a weak frontal boundary that is south of the metro area. the specks of green on 301 is a sprinkle left over from last night. look northwest of town. it is noticeably cooler and drier. 67 in hagerstown. near 90 this afternoon.
Jul 11, 2011 6:00pm EDT
. >>> michelle obama will be traveling to california. she will attend a memorial service for betty ford. her remains will then head off to michigan. on thursday, it will be held on the grounds of the gerald ford presidential library. >>> still ahead the hottest ticket in town to remember one of america's darkest days. >> say goodbye to the phone book as we know it. >> neighbors are obsessed with the state department's plan >>> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> online reservations to visit the 9/11 memorial sold out. >> more than 11,000 passes were secured this afternoon for that opening week. families of those who died will have special reservations. >>> leon panetta is in iraq for the first time. he met with officials and he spoke with the troops at camp victory. >>> some much did it help for the millions of veterans who sit on the unemployment line. we were at the v.a. medical center for a jobs fair. the event was held to help unemployed veterans and their spouses. several government agencies participated. >>> verizon is in the automatic delivery for the printed white p
Jul 12, 2011 12:00pm EDT
for former first lady betty ford will be held in california this afternoon. michelle obama and three other former first ladies will attend the service. a second service will be held thursday in grand rapids, michigan. mrs. ford will then be buried next to her husband gerald ford in the presidential museum in grand rapids. >>> the soldier is going to be the second ever medal of honor recipient from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the army ranger lost at hand and suffered shrapnel wounds when he threw a grenade away from fellow soldiers. >>> 38 militants were killed in pakistan after american missile strikes. pakistan was brought over 12 hours. relations between the u.s. and pakistan are already strained. earlier this week, the u.s. cut of $800 million in aid to pakistan. it turns out the taliban is claiming responsibility for the assassination of the half brother of the afghan president hamid karzai. ahmad wali karza was considered by many to be the most powerful man in afghanistan. his bodyguards killed the attacker. coming up on abc-seven usenews at noon new details in the privacy scand
Jul 12, 2011 5:30pm EDT
quieras sin costo ad así que, adelante.univh@noticie@ (♪). >> la primera dama michel obama rindiÓ homenaje a la hoy fallecida ex primera dama betty ford estuvieron otras primeras damas entre ellas nancy reagan, es recordada por su activismo en la polÍtica. >> luego del escÁndalo de el operatiionh@ furioso" donde estados unidos permitiÓ la entrunh@noticiero univisionh@no arm armah@ >> dicen quÉ algunos en washington se muestran inconformes con estas medidas. >> el departamento de justicia ordenÓ nuevas reglas para controlar en los estados fronterizos la venta de rifles automÁticos que arman a los carteles a la vez que enfrenta crÍticas por permitir estas ventas y que muchas armas llegaran a mÉxico en la operaciÓn "rÁpido y furioso". >> no tienen razÓn para hacer eso. >> porque son los culpable. >> la ley permite comprar pistolas. >> cuando ellos estÁn mandando rifles a mÉxico del sector de fi mÉxico y tambien de houston y parece tambiÉn de tampa a honduras. >> el senador republicano de iowa que ha presionado por respuestas sobre rÁpido y furioso estÁ acuerdo que se trata de
Jul 20, 2011 11:30pm EDT
regionales, de abrir u otorgar mas espacio a productos frescos a precios razonables... michelle obama, quien en 2010 lanzo su campana let's move contra la obesidad infantil, afirmo que los compromisos asumidos hoy pueden cambiar la vida de los ninos y habitantes de todo el a de visas que anualmente permite a 55 mil extranjeros obtener la tarjo nos el comite judicial de la camara de representantes aprobo 1 proyecto de ley que eliminaria la llamada loteria de visas, que desde 1995 entrega 55 mil visas de inmigrantes. los democratas se opusieron a la medida. el mensaje que le envia esta medida al eliminar el programa que le llamamos la loteria es 1 mensaj equivocado. esta es 1 nacion inmigrante, nacion de leyes, pero 1 nacion de inmigrantes y cualquier problema en el programa como tal se puede corregir." la loteria anual de visas es administrada por el departamento de estado y esta dirigida a paises con baja inmigracion a estados unidos. ciudadanos de paises como mexico, colombia, republica dominicana, guatemala, peru, brasil y china estan excluidos por tener much
Jul 31, 2011 8:30am EDT
de crecimiento. al respecto, la primera dama michelle obama ha desarrollado una campaña que motiva a los niños a realizar mas ejercicios fisicos e incentiva a las escuelas a mejorar la calidad de las meriendas escolares. especialistas en salud coinciden que los adultos son los principales responsables de ofrecer a los niños una dieta balanceada >> marioen vam ir a la pausa y regresar estaremos ya con nuestra invitada de la mañana de e >> mario: muchas gracias inuar "agend ingtontran esta mañana estoy en yoga campos hay quien agradecemos por estar esta mañana con nosotros. doctora margarita kullick qué tan grave es la epidemia de obesidad en los niños? >> el problema de obesidad ahorita obesidad como la y el costo que esto reprea e va a ser la primera generación que van a vivir menos que sus padres. >> mario: claudia, somos los adultos los responsables de la obesidad o el sobrep adultos escuelas, grandes corporaciones, esos son adultos que saben que su meta estudios llegan a pre adolescentes porque son los potenciales fumadores a futucc@bb@b@@z> as. y si tienes una p
Jul 28, 2011 5:00pm EDT
in let's move city part of michele obama's campaign to reduce obesity. >> reporter: do you know who michele obama is? >> no. >> it's barack obama's wife. >> i came here to have fun and so far it's very fun. very. >> reporter: there are sports. yoga and an impressive mastery of the hula hoop which the kids have pronounced -- >> good but kind of tricky. >> reporter: in addition to exercising, the kids are learning what they can eat on a regular basis, things like carrots and celery versus what are sometimes food like soda, in this 20-ounce bottle of soda, 17 pacs of sugar. >> don't eat the one thing all the time, just like the soda that has a lot of sugar. it happens once in a while. >> it will enable you to do a lot of things. >> betsy thompson is the superintendent of recreation for rockville. she hopes that the let's move idea will move on with the ketdz. >> they donate add jump rope with every child. they're going to go home with a jump rope and healthy snacks donated. >> and that's worth getting ex- seated about. >> for more information on let's move campaign, you can visit myfo
Jul 12, 2011 4:00am PDT
first lady michelle obama is getting beef over her recent order at a burger joint. >>> the home runs just keep flying at last night's home run derby. who hit the most? i'm just a piece of dust living at the corner of j and k, spending too many nights alone at the spacebar. will love ever find me? ♪ es! oh yes! ♪ what about love?! [ female announcer ] swiffer attracts dust. swiffer 360 dusters gets in hard to reach places. you're just my type! [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. so i wasn't playing much of a role in my own life, but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may incr
Jul 12, 2011 4:00pm PDT
that treatment does work. >> three other first ladies, michelle obama, hillary clinton and nancy reagan attended the service. a series focusing on ford's extraordinary life, and legacy of courage and compassion. her final wish is that her yulg -- eulogy focus on friendship. her life the perfect testament to her mission. >> the man behind some of america's fair rit television shows has died. he created "the brady bunch" and "gilligan's island". he continued to produce television all the way into his 90s. schwartz pass wade this morning at cedars-sinai in los angeles. he was being treated for an intestinal infection. he was 94 years old. >> astronauts took the last space walk of nasa's shuttle era today, the astronauts were on the space station when atlantis arrived, ventured outside to retrieve a pump and installed what is called a robotic refueling apparatus. and that new space tech is important now that the shuttle program is ending. the mission has been extend bid a day saying last landing is set for next thursday at 2:56 a.m. our time. so set your tivo. >> the flying car has been cleared for
Jul 3, 2011 5:00am PDT
'm talking about. (first lady michelle obama) america... (all) let's get healthy together. >> welcome back. i have been telling andy to not share anything while we are off camera so you won't miss anything he has to say. you have so many great things to say. we are talking about the california missions. you are part of the huge 22 mission along here in california. you have ties to st. mary's cathedral celebrating 40 years in 2011. >> i remember being a high school student. i was at st. joseph's high school. we were part of the choir in 1971. it was a wonderful memory. >> a beautiful picture of it. tell us about you. tell us a little story. >> alanine comes to california. it's really his country. he'd been a dominican pastor and then he ends up being a bishop to monterey and then he moves the bishop diocese up here to san francisco. this is where the action was in 1853. we have stories from the sisters of the holy family. he founded them. they just celebrated 100 years on that corner. 1914 right after the earthquake. 1911 was this time it was built up. alameda was -- he's out on awards and bug
Jul 4, 2011 5:00pm PDT
fashioned fourth of july that white house. president obama and first lady michelle obama hosted military families for a bbq. the president gave a shout out to all the branches of the u.s. armed forces. >> you represent the latest in a long line of heroes who served our country with honor and made incredible sacrifices. >> the first couple shook hands and pose for photographs. >>> the sights and sounds of patriotism filled the bay today. [ music playing ] >> thousands of people watched the parade in danville this morning, the parade features captain sully sullivan, who in 2009 made a crash landing in the hudson river. the kids loved the fourth of july. >> we have been here last couple of years. lots of fun. >> it's remarkable we are all together here. great for the community to pull together. >> many veterans also marched in the parade, he appreciated the community support of the troops. >> at 5:30, the special meaning for one bay area serviceman. >>> exxon mobil in -- some of the oil washed ashore, contaminating shore and grazing land. the oil has been spotted 100 miles down stream from
Jul 12, 2011 5:00pm EDT
. security is tight and main roads were closed down. it included such luminaries as first lady michelle obama, former president george w. bush, nancy reagan and rosalynn carter. mrs. carter became friends of the fords in the years after the presidencies. >> she almost single-handedly is responsible for the stigma having been removed from addiction. but no one was more approachable. request,s. ford's cokie roberts will talk about how her father, the former majority leader and democrats reached across the aisle to work with minority leader gerald ford. it is a time -- it was a time when party politics did not paralyze the government, as it often does today. it was no surprise that the former first lady carefully orchestrated her own memorial service to give voice to her passions and concerns. >> the public will be invited to come in and pay their final respects to a woman known for her courage and compassion. >> you can take a look back at betty ford's life and pictures, world leaders, and celebrities that were friends as well as her lifetime accomplishment at our website at the top
Jul 12, 2011 6:00am EDT
. honoring betty ford's life and legacy, eric cantor and vivacious and its. chris lee michelle obama former first lady nancy reagan, bill and hillary clinton, and former president george w. bush are expected to attend later this money to pay their respects and to say goodbye. the national attributes of the betty ford will take place at st. margaret's episcopal church. this is where president gerald ford was eulogized following his death in 2006. this time it's a chance for the public to say farewell to a former first lady who inspired millions around the world not only for her courage but her personal triumph over addiction and breast cancer. the 93-year-old passed away on friday surrounded by friends and family at the eisenhower medical center in california, leaving behind one of the best known rehabilitation centers in the nation. >> betty ford did save my life. >> in the quiet resort desert communities east of palm springs, california, thousands of mourners are expected to pay their respects for mrs. ford while her body lies in proposed. in a private memorial, will be eulogized by anoth
Jul 12, 2011 5:00pm EDT
as they carried the casket into the scene. family and friends, including michelle obama are in attendance. >> betty ford's straightforward approach to politics and life's challenges inspired a nation. it is expected to be a solemn day of reflection and admiration. >> people in america and across the world, they are going to say goodbye and they do want to pay tribute. >> she died friday of natural causes at the age of 93. at today's service, michelle obama, hillary clinton, nancy reagan, and rosalynn carter will deliver the eulogy. >> sheet is an institution loved by everybody here in town. >> for legacy reside in help extraordinary courage. she was not afraid to discuss her fight with breast cancer. she was open about her substance abuse struggles. >> i look for it every day and it became a daily habit. it finally overpowered me. >> i know from my own personal experience with her about her commitment to speaking out on issues that before she took them on board just not discussed. it made a huge difference and allies of americans. >> you are looking live inside st. margaret's episcopal ch
Jul 13, 2011 5:00am EDT
first ladies and michelle obama attended the services yesterday. >>> some are wanting president obama to raise the debt limit. negotiations are underway to reduce the debt and they appear to be deadlocked. >>> turning to the 2012 campaign a texas congressman ron paul says that he will not run for congress and the white house at the same time. the republican says that he will lead congress when his term is over next year. he has been criticized for rent for will stop this is at the same time. this is his third presidential bid. >>> 10 years since the terror attacks on 9/11. new statistics show u.s. airports are still not as secure as they need to be. karen travers has more on that report, joining us from the west washington. good morning. >> good morning. the nation has spent billions of dollars on airport security, according to statistics from the transportation security administration lapses still occur. 25,000 security breaches have occurred since 9/11. that's one out of every 170,000 passengers at the nation's airports across the country. a cleaning crew this past weekend found a s
Jul 20, 2011 6:00am EDT
. >> the first lady on the small screen. michelle obama making an appearance on a television show. >> today on "oprah," look and feel 20 years younger, 4:00 abc 7. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> >> yao ming is retiring after eight years in the nba. the 7 ft. 6 center says injuries are forcing him to end his nba career but if he will continue to play basketball with the sharks and will work with his charitable foundation. >>> the nationals cannot seem to get any momentum going under manager of davey johnson. >> the skipper has not been able to keep the team about 500, but he cannot fault michael morse. >> michael morse gets under this one. down toward the scoreboard. it's his second home run in as many days. the nationals fell to the astros 7-6. the two will play again today first bid at 7:00. >>> 7 is on your side with news about nutrition. first lady michelle obama today will make a major announcement about access to an unhealthy affordable foods. she's about to debut in reality television series. will be in fayetteville, north carolina, tomorrow for
Jul 20, 2011 12:00pm CDT
... >>first lady michele obama will appear on the hit reality show extreme makeover home edition ... the white house says it that she will join the crew on thursday in north carolina she will be helping to build a boarding house meant for homeless women veterans michelle obama will be participating as part of joining forces a program that also includes participation by the wife of vice president joe biden dr. jill biden the episode will air in october ... we will be right back these his sizzling temperatures are posing serious threats to children's safety experts at children's memorial hospital and safe kids illinois offered some tips to protect children ... children do not sweat as well as adults they're less likely to drink when they're moving around and it takes children a lot longer to get just to the hot weather ... parents are warned to keep their children out of the car and intense heat and to keep an eye on them and keep them away from open windows and intentional injuries are the leading cause of death for children in the 40 kids die every day from things like drownings and car crashe
Jul 12, 2011 4:30am EDT
lady rosalyn carter will you'll jis her at a memorial service this afternoon. first lady michelle obama and former first ladies nancy reagan and hillary clinton will attend. she'll be interred next to her husband gerald ford in michigan. she died on monday at the age of 93. >>> ahead on "news 4 today," when arnoraignold schwarzenegget make his return to the big screen. >>> good morning and welcome back. beginning today, getting enough coffee to keep you going all day long may take only one trip to starbucks. the popular coffee chain will start offering a new 31-ounce trenta size this morning. might say it's its own version of the bill gulp. that's seven ounces larger than the venti and more volume than the average human stomach. for now, iced coffee and teas will be available in the super size cup in the d.c. area. starbucks says already half of its customers order the largest size available. >> you won't need refills. >> i hope not. >> you will need ice in that coffee today. >> you will. let's go to tom and find out about the heat we're going to experience. tom? >>> right now it's plea
Jul 12, 2011 3:00pm EDT
president george w. bush, first lady michelle obama and other famous faces arrive in palm desert, kaltz, for a memorial service for betty forld. we'll go live outside that church. >>> also, did you know betty ford chose two people to speak at her service? one of them is former first lady rose lynn carter and cookie robe cokie roberts. that's next. [ bell chiming ] [ male announcer ] want to pump up your gas mileage? come to meineke for our free fuel-efficiency check and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. >>> pioneers first lady betty ford is remember today at a memorial service in southern california. she spoke about the rights and about breast cancer. she also struggled with alcoholism and founded the iconic, the ground-breaking betty ford clinic. they remember betty ford in palm desert, california today. she died friday at the abge of 93. i want to go to thelma gutierrez. who are we expecting to attend? >> reporter: brooke, in under two hours we're expecting a steady stream of dignitaries. we're talking about first lady michelle obama, also secretary of state hillary clinto
Jul 6, 2011 10:00pm EDT
of problems. >> michelle obama was criticized by some for statements while campaigning for her husband. i mean, is marcus bachman going to get the same treatment? >> to be honest, i think he deserves more of that treatment than michelle obama does. one thing michele bachmann has said, she believes in a fundamentalist model of marriage. she believes he is the head of family and she needs to be sub missive to him. his views have more of a bearing on what she thinks than another presidential candidate. she's in a difficult position, mike is right, that we have republicans here in new york who fought for marriage equality. on the hole, the republican party, especially in the red states is dominated by extreme social conservatives. anyone who wants to attack michele bachmann from the right is going to have a difficult time in a philosophy that is to the right. >> michelle goldberg, mike rodgers, thanks for being with us tonight. >> senator james inhofe introduces the pilots bill of rights. it may have a little something to do with senator in hoff's wild dangerous landing at a texas airport last yea
Jul 4, 2011 1:00pm EDT
on for a little while and became ill and malia and sasha sent a car and michelle obama attended the funeral. it was very moving. >> guest: that didn't happen too long after the president took over but it was an immediate bonding and this gentleman who had worked in the household staff took an immediate liking to sasha and malia and he was french and he would try to teach them french, the language. almost like a grandparent. everything they did was wonderful and everything -- >> host: that was a really cool -- >> guest: it was really wonderful. and the daughters were very upset when he passed away. but it's just a case of how the household staff can become so attached to a president and this case of the whole notion of the african-american staff and the first african-american president is so much more intense. >> host: let's go back to george w. bush and the household staff because again the point i was making was the union aspect that george herbert walker bush talked about. was there any household staff members that george w. bush was close to? >> guest: i didn't find any particular staff
Jul 26, 2011 2:00pm EDT
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Jul 12, 2011 5:00am EDT
this afternoon. first lady michelle obama, and former first ladies nancy reagan and hillary clinton will also attend. she'll be laid to rest next to her husband gerald ford in michigan. >>> right now crews are working to shut down a broken gas line that shut down interstate 270 for six hours. the highway is back open, but work is still being done on clarksburg road, route 121 in montgomery county. tracee wilkins is there with a look at the situation now. tracee? >> reporter: good morning, joe. it's right over my shoulder. the crews are still working on that eight-inch gas main that ruptured yesterday due to the construction work that's happening here. 121 northbound. it's open again. one lane getting you by here. the ramp is closed, but you can make your way around and then get on to northbound 121. a traffic issue should be a minimum today. yesterday we saw major problems. i-270 was closed in both directions for several miles in upper montgomery county after the gas main rupture. construction crews working on clarksburg road, also known as 121, hit and then ruptured that eight-inch gas main
Jul 12, 2011 6:00am EDT
for this afternoon. >>> also this afternoon, first lady michelle obama will be among those honoring the life of former first lady betty ford. mrs. ford died on friday. she founded the betty ford clinic for substance abuse and addiction after announcing her long-running battle with alcoholism and addiction to painkillers. former first lady rosalyn carter will eulogize her at a memorial service in california this afternoon. mrs. ford will be interred alongside her husband gerald ford in michigan. >>> breaking news in afghanistan. a bodyguard has assassinated the half brother of afghan president hamid karzai. ahmed wali karzai was head of the kandahar provincial council. he recently was accused of being on the cia payroll and being involved in drug trafficking. he denied the charges. >>> our time is 6:07. it is 78 degrees. coming up, new drink size now sold at starbucks. this is a huge drink. the kincaids live here. across the street, the padillas. ben and his family live here, too. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community. there are lots of reasons why re/max agents average
Jul 12, 2011 11:00am EDT
9%. >>> this afternoon, first lady michelle obama and three former first ladies will be among those honoring the life of former first lady betty ford. mrs. ford actually planned her own memorial service. she chose former first lady rosalyn carter and journalist coky roberts to deliver jew eulogies. mrs. ford founded the betty ford clinic for substance abuse and addiction after announcing her own long-running battle with alcoholism and addiction to painkillers. she will be intered alongside her late husband, president gerald ford, in michigan. >>> there is history happening at this hour right now in space. you're looking live at this photo of the kennedy space center. two "atlantis" astronauts are making nasa's very last spacewalk of the shuttle era today. they're retrieving a broken ammonia pump and setting up a robotic fueling experiment outside the international space station. the space walk should wrap up this afternoon. nasa extended the "atlantis" mission by an extra day so the crew can help unload four tons of food, clothing and other supplies. the shuttle will now return to e
Jul 12, 2011 4:00am PDT
for the public. first lady, michelle obama and former first ladies, clinton, reagan and carter are expected to attend. >>> president obama will award the medal of honor to u.s. army sergeant first class leroy petrie, only the second living recipient of the medal for actions in iraq or afghanistan. >>> and tonight, at baseball's all-star game in phoenix, immigrant rights advocates are asking people to wear white ribbons protesting arizona's controversial immigration laws. >>> all day long, you can stay on top of the latest developments in those stories and others as they break on msnbc. and tonight be sure to watch brian williams with "nbc nightly news." >>> and here's a look at what's coming up later this morning on the "today show," the latest details on the case of a hollywood producer charged with murdering his wife during their cancun vacation last year. >>> and grammy-winning artist, colbie callait performs next. >>> i'm lynn berry, thanks for watching "early today," just your first stop of the day, today, on your nbc station, have
Jul 24, 2011 11:00am EDT
tough argument. he can still have an imagery, benefit for optimist. michelle obama's prominence, the children f he can talk about doing better and give some of those examples, whether it comes from what he's done pulling out of the wars and osama bin laden and all of that kind of thing, that can help in an area where he might have been otherwise weak. if he can talk about these increment am improvements in the economy maybe. but increments are hard to sell. chris: has he gotten stuck in washington? watching all of this dead fight all of these weeks, i wonder if hasn't gotten caught behind the desk? >> i think he's been playing on the republican field throughout on this debt fight. the playing field he wants to be on is jobs, the economy. and he wants to be hitting wall street a little harder. chris: as an outsider. >> as an outsider because they're very unpopular in the rest of the country. the bankers. >> presidents' incumbents always try to find a way to run against washington. ronald reagan did it effectively. chris: he never moved to washington. always was out west. >> and b
Jul 5, 2011 12:00pm EDT
the umbrella handy. >>> first lady michelle obama will salute military families later today with the washington nationals. the nationals are dedicating today to the purslane is cause in supporting military families and children of service members will escort mrs. obama to home plate this afternoon. one of the children will throw out the first pitch. the first lady will also join the family'sies recognized during the third inning stretch. >>> the high and grocery chain will be part of a plan development on route 1 in riverdale park. the town mayor says that the development concerns some local residents who worry about conduction on route 1 pin wholefoods tells us of that the store could open as soon as 2014. >>> coming up, hit in heart disease. a warning for women. >>> a child stars confession a struggle that one harry potter actor says he has had for years. >>> 13 years ago, police found a little girl living in a dog cage. journey back with her to that house of >>> welcome back everyone a new report about women and heart disease. the research shows that, while there has been promise in treating
Jul 12, 2011 7:00am EDT
. margaret's in palm desert among those attending first lady michelle obama and nancy regan, rozalin carter, hillary clinton later in the day, the public will have a chance to say goodbye, mrs. ford will lie in repose at the church tomorrow morning her casket will travel to grand rapids michigan for burial alongside her husband thursday. >>> absentee voting in northern virginia voters are selecting candidates in the house of delegates and state senate, absentee voting continues through august 20th the actual primary is on august 23rd. >>> coming up 10 minutes past the hour, this tuesday morning just a few days after that texas rangers fan was killed trying to catch a foul ball at the baseball game scary seen at the all-star home run derby. >>> the photo when we come back karen. >>> less than two months before the move from walter reed to bethesda how one u.s. senator thinks the move will impact the neighbourhood  >>> 7:13 a.m. as we check headlines 10 members of britain's royal family and staff among the thousands allegedly hacked by journalists at the now closed news of
Jul 25, 2011 2:00pm EDT
say mistakes were made in the investigation. >> and also why jill biden and michelle obama are making news. right here on msnbc.ç [ male announcer ] this is lisa, who tries to stay ahead of her class. morning starts with arthritis pain... that's two pills before the first bell. [ bell rings ] it's time for recess... and more pills. afternoon art starts and so does her knee pain, that's two more pills. almost done, but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve because it can relieve pain all day with just two pills. this is lisa... who switched to aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. [ female announcer ] the counter. in most homes, it gets all the action. bring it. in this lab demo, one sheet of bounty leaves this surface as clean as 2 sheets of the bargain brand. ♪ why use more when you can use less? ♪ super durable. super absorbent. super clean. bounty. the one-sheet clean picker-upper. >>> hi, everybody. welcome back to "newsnation." glaring problems in the testimony of amanda knox's murder trial that were used to
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